what is sayfiye.

Is the beach, is the window with wide frames, the old or the young, is the cat and the dog, is the fit, is being from any religion, is the aunt, is the evening coffee, is gushing gardens and is exceptionally beautifully cutlery voices on balconies.

Is the sun to the orient, is to feel familiar even if you are not, is getting together to chat, is the internal refreshment, is the tolerance, where you feel yourself most comfortable, is to turn home, is a feeling that you can not find its synonym

in any other language,


Is this and that, but none of these.

what is sayfiye records.

It is a platform that records the changes that have taken place around the Bağdad Avenue in Istanbul since its past, with audiovisual tools. It especially focuses on the urban transformation that has taken place in recent years. It is not only the buildings that are transforming, the change includes everything in the extension of nature and man. With our cameras, we search everything that have been transformed or demolished, worthwhile to be investigated and we pursue the lost.


It is also an attempt to bring the atmosphere of Bağdad Avenue, which in the past has been a quite special place used as a summer resort of the city of Istanbul, to the present day.